How to Detect Negative SEO in Good Time and Salvage the Situation

If you have a business website, you may have heard of negative SEO cases in the recent past, but like many people, you probably do not believe that it is real or you think you are immune to it. Negative SEO is an attempt at lowering a site’s rankings on search engines. It can either be done on-page, where a site is hacked and its content modified, or more commonly, off-page. Although there have been very few cases of negative SEO, it is a very real threat that you should be aware of, and learn how to detect and take the appropriate actions in case you ever fall victim. It can greatly affect your search engine rankings, and if you do not know how to detect it in good time, the situation can get very ugly.

Negative off-page SEO
In this type of negative SEO, the site is not internally interfered with. One common form of negative off-page SEO is the use of link farms. This is where someone builds numerous spammy links to a competitor’s site. All search engine algorithms are set to penali…